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    Autumn’s Here at The Guffs 2014

    Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto taken with Nikon F80

    Charlotte Rauchberger 

    Don’t you know it’s a pity that the days can’t be like the nights in the summer, in the city 2014

    Scarborough Bluffers Park taken with Nikon F80

    Charlotte Rauchberger

    Time Ladies, Skulls and Daisies 2013

    Part of “Labrador Sketchbook” 

    Charlotte Rauchberger

    Architectural Models

    Victor & Rolf Hotel 2013

    Edward Fong & Charlotte Rauchberger

    Early in the Day 2013

    On the road from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Emeril Junction, Labrador.

    Charlotte Rauchberger  

    FINAL THESIS POSTER [presented during OCAD University’s Graduate Exhibition]

    TN STATION: Toronto’s Farming Learning Centre and Hydroponic Farm

    This poster was a hodge-podge of everything integral to understanding my thesis project but luckily the mix of elements somehow had graphic similarities and inevitably lent themselves to one another very well. This means that I also might have developed a graphic “style” and if I truly did then, well.. then I’m a happy camper! 

    To see my work from start to finish, visit my “undergraduate thesis” link and back track all the way to the beginning :) It’s a pretty interesting design process.. well it’s mine. So enjoy dealing with that haha

    A Movement Study 2014

    Listen to Ready The Prince at https://soundcloud.com/ready-the-prince

    Shirt symbol design: Charlotte Rauchberger

    Shot with: Canon Rebel T3i 

    I needed photos for my book so I took a fun number of these. headbanging to Ready the Prince and trying to get my hair out of my mouth.

    Shakabrah y’all


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