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  • Save Swing (work in progress) 2014

    Pencil & Ink 

    Inspiration- KURIOS- Cabinet des Curiosites, Cirque du Soleil

    So I have come to the conclusion that Acro Net is in fact a horror death scene.. ah BUT it’s my favourite act (not including any of my other favourite acts). Go see the show it’s hilarious. Holler at mehh, if I should colour this thing in. It feels wrong not to.

    Visually translate the song.  Create and select lines and forms to represent sounds, pitches, tones etc. in the piece of music.Compose the forms to outline the pieceCreate textures, using materials, to represent sounds, pitches, tones etc.

    Objects and Environments Assignment 1: Music Study to “The Chairman’s Waltz” 2011


    1. Visually map and translate the song

    2. Create and select “lines and forms” to represent sounds, pitches, tones etc. in the piece of music

    3. Compose the forms to outline/ follow the piece

    4. Create textures, using materials, to represent sounds, pitches, tones etc.

    Media: Watercolour paper, gouache, white glue, pencil crayon, india ink, black felt-tip pen, pencil, white-out pen

    Charlotte Rauchberger

    Presented at: “First Impressions at OCAD U”, OCAD University Great Hall, Toronto, ON 2011 


    Autumn’s Here at The Guffs 2014

    Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto taken with Nikon F80

    Charlotte Rauchberger 

    Don’t you know it’s a pity that the days can’t be like the nights in the summer, in the city 2014

    Scarborough Bluffers Park taken with Nikon F80

    Charlotte Rauchberger

    Time Ladies, Skulls and Daisies 2013

    Part of “Labrador Sketchbook” 

    Charlotte Rauchberger

    Architectural Models

    Victor & Rolf Hotel 2013

    Edward Fong & Charlotte Rauchberger

    Early in the Day 2013

    On the road from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Emeril Junction, Labrador.

    Charlotte Rauchberger  

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